Why retiring in Thailand?
  • Relaxed lifestyle
  • Friendly people
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Amazing culture
  • Great food
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Advantageous cost of living
  • Easy access by plane
  • 1-year retirement visa
  • Foreigners welcome
  • Excellent healthcare
  • ...
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Retirement in Thailand

Retirement in ThailandThe recent global downturn has toughened the challenge of ensuring a comfortable, secure and stimulating retirement.
What is the surest route to a lifestyle of untroubled leisure and independence when you retire? Even if your savings survived the worldwide plunge in financial markets, declining purchasing power could still threaten your long-term affluence.
One way to make the figures fit is to relocate and spend your retirement where an advantageous cost of living will upgrade your lifestyle – in Thailand.

Thailand not only has a highly advantageous cost of living. It also offers a mild climate that will let you enjoy your garden, pool or beach almost every day of the year.
Inexpensive home help in Thailand can liberate you from household chores. Meanwhile, the respect and consideration of one of the world’s most welcoming cultures will brighten your everyday life.
Thailand also offers a secure lifestyle, where retirees are free from the fear of crime and can access some of the world’s most advanced healthcare.

Would a Thailand retirement suit you?

Retirement in Thailand suits many types of personality.
Adventurous types can continue to seek out new experiences.
But those who prefer home comforts and familiar routines can find these at popular resort towns like Pattaya, where large expat communities enjoy all the services and products of their home countries.
The key attractions that draw retirees to Thailand include the weather and the advantageous cost of living. But retirement in Thailand can also provide a community of like-minded people and great leisure options.

Why retiring in Thailand?
Retirement in Thailand

Stunning landscapes, rich culture, modern infrastructure, warm hospitality, an affordable cost of living, pleasant weather... are just a few of the reasons to retire in the Land of Smiles

Where retiring in Thailand?
Retiring Thailand

Interviews with retirees, property developers, lawyers and financial experts will give you an insight into life in Thailand and what you need to know for a perfect retirement.

Interview retirement

Interviews with retirees, property developers, lawyers and financial experts will give you an insight into life in Thailand and what you need to know for a perfect retirement.

How Company Vauban can help you?

The decision to retire in Thailand – or to spend much of the year there – requires a thorough appreciation of the practical, administrative and legal steps.
Company Vauban – a Bangkok-based real estate agency that has helped foreign buyers of Thai property since 2006 – can find your perfect location and ideal retirement property and help you negotiate the best purchase terms.
Our team will oversee the legal procedure to ensure secure ownership and can provide advice and consultancy on all aspects of retiring in Thailand.

“Thailand is really unique. Which other country combines excellent service, modern infrastructure, fascinating culture and beautiful landscapes – all at an affordable price?”
John - UK